Laura Biagiotti

Laura Biagiotti

Famous Italian designer of the fashion world, Laura Biagiotti was born on August 4, 1943. In Rome, she learned literature aspiring to pursue a career in archeology, while helping her parents out with their dressmaking trade. Della Biagiotti, her mother, designed Aitalia staff uniforms in 1964. Her father died when Laura was seventeen years old. In 1972, she introduced her collection in her debut fashion show.

The Biagiotti House situated on Via dej Condotti, Rome, is ranked among the largest fashion labels in Italy. Laura later relocated to Beijing for a while and was the first designer from Italy to present her work in China in 1988. Thirty Chinese models flaunted Laura’s creations.

She has was given the Knights of Labor Award by Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, Italian President for her services to fashion. She has won the Marco Polo Award from the government of China for endorsing fashion in the country. In addition to this, she has been presented with the Leonardo Prize. In 2002, the Italian postal office issued a forty-one cent stamp honoring Laura. Then in 2011, she was honored with the America Award from the Italy/USA Foundation. She was also the first to receive Prix Femmes D’Europe for her efforts of promoting the participation of women in the development of a integrated Europe. She has also won the Marisa Bellisario Award as well as the National Council of Italian Fashion‘s Lifetime Achievement Award, presented during the fashion show: Donna sotto le stelle.

Since 1980, she has been living and working in the countryside of Rome, in the eleventh century Marco Simone Castle. Her daughter Lavinia Biagiotti Cigna joined the family business and became the Vice President of the company in 2005.

Biagiotti is one of the most significant names of the fashion platform in Italy. Her brand, Laura Biagiotti is known around the world for the quality she brings to fashion. The New York Times described her as the Cashemere Queen, since she is fond of precious yarn that she uses off and on with a new dimension. The brand is recognized for its feminine cuts, excellent craftsmanship and insightful selection of fabrics. Before Biagiotti, the cashmere cloth was not much known as a thing of style and fashion. Laura showed a keen concern is producing comfortable as well as flattering clothes for females, who quickly started liking her loose-fit dresses and soft tailoring techniques, distinguished by top-stitching, ajouree` work and minute pleats.

Her 80s collection of glasses was a great success – mask shaped goggles – which are still ‘wanted’ by many. The label designs, manufactures and sells menswear, accessories, wedding items, perfumes and children’s wear.

In an interview, Laura Biagiotti described Italy as a nation filled with petite shops carrying exclusive collections. In most cases, designers have to be the manufacturers as well. Before she started showing work under her name, Laura designed prêt lines for couture houses in Rome. Such work taught Laura the importance of the relationship between a designer and the customer.

Laura describes herself as an average woman who understands the fashion desires of other average women.