Alannah Hill

Alannah Hill

Alannah Hill was born in 1963 in a small town Geeveston located in Tasmania, Australia. She is a fashion designer known not only in her country but internationally too. Alannah spent most of her childhood years in Penguin’s coastal areas along with her four siblings.

Her mother worked at the milk bar that the family owned and Alannah’s father worked as an insurance officer. Alannah described the relationship with her family as dysfunctional and troubled, especially with her mother. At the age of seventy-six, her mother died and this news broke her down emotionally. For a year, she took a break from her fashion work.

Despite the shadows of her past life, Alannah created a brand that is still known around the world. Although her mother demeaned her, but Hill stood strong and made her life much better than what her mother imagined.

At the age of fifteen, she joined Ashton’s Circus in Hobart. When Alanah turned seventeen, she became interested in the field of acting and wanted to pursue it as a career. Hence, the young Hill moved from her hometown to Melbourne in order to make her acting dream come true.

However, initially she didn’t get any break in acting and worked on films as a stylist. Soon she attained a sheer role in the movie Dogs in Space in 1987, that starred Michael Hutchence. Since she realized that this was not a thing for her, she steered her attention away from acting.

She worked as a waitress in a café in the neighborhood. While doing this job, she was employed by Indigo apparel store in South Yarra’s Chapel Street. She stayed in Indigo for fifteen years, providing the owners with fresh ideas. Soon she was capable and experienced enough to create a label of her own.

In 1996, she introduced her label, Alannah Hill and after a year, she managed to open her boutique. In addition to this, she has used the internet as well to trade her merchandize. The label has its own online global store. With the financial support of Factory X, a business in Melbourne, she was able to establish forty-two Alannah Hill fashion stores in Australia and stock her work at David Jones.

In 2013, Alannah announced that she didn’t want to be associated with her label anymore, since she had an argument with the owner of Factory X. Although the designer no longer wanted to be a part of her label in anyway, Factory X continued to operate Alannah Hill outlets. During the announcement she made, Alannah highlighted that despite all this, she wanted to keep on working within the fashion scene.

In a statement to the media, she expressed her feelings for the brand she created. For her it was her soul and heart, she put all her efforts into and devoted her time completely to the label. Alannah worked hard to design flirty and pretty clothes plus accessories for women.

During her successful tenure as a fashion designer for her own label, she resided in an elegant and classy Victorian two-storey villa from the 1880s. The house was sold to Alannah by Virginia Monahan.

Alannah has a son named Edward who she calls ‘Sugary’. His father founded Jack London, a menswear label – Karl Bartl, who is the designer also of his own brand. When Alannah separated from Bartl, she began a relationship with Hugo Race, a music artist and record producer.