Tara Jarmon

Tara Jarmon

Canadian apparel designer, Tara Jarmon, moved to California to attend high school. She studied in the University of Southern California, however attained her graduation from The American University of Paris. Her permanent residence is in France and she lives there with David, her husband and three children. Jarmon has many great memories of her home nation, but when she visited the beautiful city Paris, she fell in love with the culture, its people and decided to dwell there.

David is not only a businessman but also the manager as well as the co-founder of the Tara Jarmon brand. In contrast to this, Jarmon is responsible for the designing bit. All the merchandise produced reflects the values of fashion by Tara, that include dynamism, sophistication and modernity with classic touch.

Twenty years after launching a eponymous fashion range, the designer now owns over thirty boutiques and eighty in-store spaces throughout Asia and Europe. In 2006, Jarmon created a line of women’s accessories and clothes with affordable prices  for the Go International collection by Target Corporation.

Jarmon also launched a line for young individuals, titled Mademoiselle Tara. The inspirations for this venture comes from the 1980s and summer camps. Her earliest memory related to fashion dates back to the 1960s, when her mother dressed up to leave the house for work or for leisure. At the time clothes that were designed, radiated a blend of sexiness, fun and color blast. It was fascinating for young Jarmon to see the various materials, textures, patterns and cuts.

What the designer doesn’t like was the jogging suit era – having a sports spirit was alright but wearing a sporty attire even when one had no intention to play, or workout was the worst fashion statement.

Since the start of her fashion career, Jarmon has developed and matured her brand into providing quality and chic clothes that lure people towards its charm. She uses the old fashioned way in order to design and finish the garments. The clothes are draped over models and most of the adjustments are made by hand.

What’s a designer who hasn’t watched the classical films on fashion? Jarmon loves The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie by Luis Buñuel. Other than this, she prefers The Wizard of Oz since she thinks that the characters provide essential lessons to the viewers. To her it’s not only cool but high-class. Moving on, not only do movies inspire her, but the list of her favorite style icons also define Jarmon’s taste of elegance. They include Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Portman.

Apart from her fashion demanding life, she likes to read books and among the list, her most preferred one is Voltaire‘s Candide. Furthermore she likes listening to ABBA, and Amy Winehouse. She hears the music non-stop and knows the lyrics as well.

In addition to her likes, Jarmon’s ‘most wanted’ comfort food is Yorkshire Pudding and Roast beef without a doubt. Other than this, her much loved restaurant is La Cigale Récamier, because according to Jarmon they have the world’s best soufflé. Moreover, she likes Cocotte, a bistro in Puces.