Christian Audigier

Christian Audigier

A French entrepreneur and fashion designer, Christian Audigier was born in Avigon,1958. The designer resides in America and has added glow in the fashion industry with his charismatic personality and unmistakable trademark. In 2010, his estimated fortune stood at $250 million. He owns the following brands: Smet, Paco Chicano, Von Dutch, Fiorucci, Garage Parts, WIF Speedshop, CA motoring, Rock Fabulous, C-BAR-A, Crystal Rock, Christian Audigier. Before establishing his own brands, Audigier designed for well-known companies, such as Naf Naf, Von Dutch, Kookai, Liberto, Lee, Levi’s, Diesel, American outfitters, Guess, Bisou Bisou, XOXO, Fiorucci and American Eagle.

Designing and marketing among companies and celebrities, Audigier himself has become a star. He appeared on Janice and Abbey as well as on other television shows themed around fashion, such as MTV Cribs and America’s Next Top Model.

Audigier’s most famous line has been named after the tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy and consists of multicolor tattoo artwork, animal and military themes plus Asian and vintage designs. The Ed Hardy brand along with other collections by Audigier are popular among many Hollywood celebrities and clients, including Britney Spears, Snoop Dog, Paris Hilton, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Hilary Duff, Victoria and David Beckham, Pamela Anderson, Mariah Carey, Naomi Watts, Nick Cage, Jessica Alba, Dave Navarro, Brad Pitt, Usher, Jamie Foxx, Christina Aguilera, Adrien Brody, Ewan McGregor, Jared Leto, Orlando Bloom, Jack Black, Jamiroquai, Ashton Kutchner, Mickey Rourke and Sylvester Stallone. The Ed Hardy label was created in collaboration with the King of Tattoos Don Ed. The two met each other and decided to become partners. Through this project Don became more famous and made money along with Audigier.

Focusing on Audigier’s personality, he is a positive thinking person. He loves his life and lives it the way he wants. He avoids complications and enjoys every day. The man likes to be surrounded with people, especially the ones he prefers being with. In addition to this, he keeps on working on new projects and always finds ways to keep himself busy.

Christian Audigier has designed the trucker hats, jeans, t-shirts, bags, jackets, shoes, perfumes, motorcycles, furniture and many other miscellaneous things. His endeavors seem endless and he has the ability to set remarkable trends. Audigier’s designs are sold in more than three thousand stores worldwide.

His influences have been movies, the rock and roll industry and people on street. He believes that he is blessed with the art to sell and design. Among the many designers in New York, his favorite one is Michael Kors.

This eminent man was the bread earner of his family from a young age. He lived with his mother, a brother and one sister. Audigier always wanted to assist his mother and fulfill her dreams. He is committed to his family and friends. At the time he was young, the era was much easier to survive in than today. These days everything is competitive and many boundaries exist. Hence, taking care of his family back then was not a huge responsibility or burden on him.

As a young boy, Audigier wanted to become a singer since he enjoyed listening to the Rolling Stones. Moreover, he used to watch several movies and read about people like James Dean and Dean martin.

In his free time, Audigier spends quality time with his children and girlfriend, Nathalie Sorensen, a Brazilian model. Apart from this, he likes riding motorbikes for fun.