Charlotte Ronson

Charlotte Ronson

Born on 7th August 1977, Charlotte Julia Ronson is a fashion designer originally from England but is currently based in New York City. She was always interested in fashion and has been involved in the designing since the time her friends asked her to make things for them.

Ronson graduated in Studio Art from New York University and did her apprenticeships at Rolling Stone and Harper’s Bazaar; she also internedwith Cynthia Rowley. In 2001 fashion publications, including Vogue, began identifying Ronson’s work. By the mid of 2002, she introduced her flagship boutique on Elizabeth Street (New York).

The Charlotte Ronson brand has been worn by several known celebrities, including Mischa Barton, Andy Dick, Lindsay Lohan, Ellen Pompeo, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Gisele Bündchen, Nicole Richie, Jessica Sipmson, Winona Ryder and Kate Moss among others.

Ronson was born to Ann Dexter-Jones who is a socialite plus writer and Laurence Ronson, a real estate businessman. According to Charlotte Ronson, her mother has been described as severe and strict plus she didn’t let Charlotte go to concerts.  Though this statement seems a bit strange, considering her siblings’ professions.

Charlotte has siblings as well, a twin sister named Samantha Ronson and a brother, Mark Ronson. Both of them are involved with the music industry, Samantha is a DJ, Mark is a music producer, DJ and song writer/singer. When their mother divorced Laurence and married Mick Jones, the family shifted to New York. Charlotte has five step siblings from her mother’s second marrige.

Moreover, among the many relatives of Charlotte are some influential ones such as politicians Leon Brittan and Malcolm Rifkind, as well as an uncle entrepreneur Gerald Ronson. Her parents descend from the Ashkenazi Jewish clan with Austrian and Russian ancestors. Originally, her family name was Aaronson but her grandfather Henry altered it to Ronson.

The designer’s official start in the field of fashion is a seamless transformation of a passionate hobby to a triumphant career. In an interview, Charlotte described her love for illustrations and clothes. She used to enjoy shopping for not just herself but for her mother as well. While studying art as a major, she began customizing apparel without knowing much about the skill. She worked with different vintage t-shirts for herself.

Charlotte Ronson defined her early life with her parents in an interview and emphasized that she and her siblings were always motivated to do something they were highly interested in. Something useful. Even if they were in trouble or grounded for misbehavior, the children were expected to spend their time doing something cultural such as enrolling in drawing classes or visiting museums.

Since Charlotte and Samantha were twins, it became crucial for Charlotte to develop her own personal identity and not be called as a ‘twin’ or an ‘identical’ of someone. Also, it was difficult to create her own dressing style when most of her friends went to the same stores as her. Hence as she was growing up, Charlotte took out time to visit her blood-related father in London and there she went to ‘different’ shops. However, whenever she designs she keeps her family and friends in mind. In Charlotte’s opinion, friends plus family act as inspiration and they give you the chance to learn about new styles, looks, formulas and products.

Along with her apparel ventures, Charlotte also has a beauty line famous among celebrities like Paris Hilton. The whole collection is designed and inspired around her various muses and their different beauty preferences and routines.