Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy

With high-profile clients like Kate Hudson, Lucy Liu, Tyra Banks, Penélope Cruz, Wendy Williams, Jennifer Garner, Diane Sawyer, Sharon Stone and Michelle Obama – Rachel Roy is a fashion designer born in 1974 and raised in California.

Rajendra Roy, her brother, is the Chief Film Curator at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Rachel belongs to parents of mixed cultural ancestry: a Dutch mother and Indian father.  Roy studied at Seaside High School and subsequently attended Columbia Union College. From the age of fourteen, Rachel began working at Contempo Casuals, a clothing boutique situated in her hometown. Later she graduated in Liberal Arts from Adventist University in Maryland, 1996. Her next destination was New York, where she worked as a stylist for music videos and magazines. Next, she did an apprenticeship at Rocawear and soon became the creative director of the brand’s children and women fashion section.

The designer has two children from Damon Dash, whom she married in 2005 though they separated in 2009. When she became Dash’s life partner, Rachel launched her eponymous collection of fashion. Two years after the separation, it was speculated that she was dating Dwight Freeney.

A year after the opening of her label, she received an award from the Bollywood industry for contributing to the fashion scene in America. In addition to this recognition, she has been invited to the Oprah Winfrey Show. By 2007, she was included in the member list of the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Moreover, Roy has been the talk of the town among the teenage market and hence was featured in Teen Vogue. The magazine illustrated the process of transformation Rachel applied on a simple t-shirt to make it into a chic prom dress.

In 2008, her brand collaborated with Jones Apparel Group and a year later, Rachel launched an affordable line of accessories, sportswear and shoes. The diffusion range is shelved at Macy’s (USA) and The Bay (Canada). In 2009, she partnered with Estelle (a British pop musician and Grammy Award winner) to launch a collection of jewelry. All the merchandize by The Rachel Roy brand are available at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, Shoewoo and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Steering towards the designer’s personal life, Rachel prefers dressing up with a classic approach infused with twists and creativity. For Roy, fashion is about balance – equally sexy and strong look. From the beginning to the present, Rachel’s personal style has no doubt developed with contemporary culture, however she never forgets to include the sophistication and elegance of the past.

Although Rachel designs clothes herself, she does acknowledge other designers and some of them are her favorite to put on. The list includes Manolo Blahnik, Rick Owens, The Row and Manon von Gerkan.

Rachel firmly believes that if people focus on evolving and knowing themselves, it will become easier for them to define their style along with learning about themselves. Half of the battle is won when one wears anything with confidence and knows how to carry the outfit. Rachel discovered her love for shells and hence likes to wear jewels that contain this element – Mesi Jilly rings are her favorite. For Rachel, the trick to great fashion sense is to find things that are unique to oneself and then incorporate those items in the wardrobe. This is how Rachel defines ‘personal style’ for not just her but anyone.