Malene Birger

Malene Birger

A fashion designer from Denmark, Malene Birger has been crowned by MTV Europe as the Fashion Queen in Copenhagen. Moreover, Wear Global nominated Birger’s boutique for having the finest decor and design in the city.

Since 2003, she has operated her fashion brand and prior to this, she has been involved in the fashion world since 1989. The same year she studied at Danish Design School. At Jackpot, a company by Carli Gry, she was a fashion designer. Following this, she was the women’s wear chief designer at Marc O’Polo in Stockholm. Until 1996, she gained all the experience as she possibly could as well as trained and educated herself about the workings of the fashion industry. A year later, she founded her debut company, Day Birger et Mikkelsen. In addition to this, she created the By Malene Birger label.

Birger became the ambassador of the Danish United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund. In order to raise money for the cause, she designed bags and shirts for selling.

For her design capabilities, she was presented with the Danish Design Award in 2002. She was also given the Guldknappen from Alt for Dummies, a national fashion magazine, in 2004. After one year, she got the Scandinavian Design Award. In 2008, the Malene Birger’s company won the brand of the year award by Costume Norway.

Although Birger describes her female customers to be ones who work, are busy and travel, she also believes that every person out there has the freedom to choose from the choice of brands available to her. According to Malene, each woman has her own sense of beauty and she should feel a natural magnetism to the brand.

Malene’s personal way of dressing is a blend of modern plus classic basics in her wardrobe, such as black shirt, noir pants, coal-black blazer, dark colored dress and a wool cardigan. She thinks that being classic is forever stylish. Birger feels that people with the most superior styles are the ones who understand that looking charming and impressive is not about following the latest trends. Instead, people should wear what best describes and expresses them – one should mix the new seasons with the old ones to stand out from the crowd.

Birger has always been interested in fashion. She was inspired by her mother’s and grandmother’s keen observation for fashion. The process of designing and stitching any kind of clothing impressed Malene even though at an early age she didn’t know much about it. As a child, she always longed for transformations and this quality of her made her parent berserk. She not only kept changing the furniture settings of her room, but also kept sewing her clothes from old materials. For fun, she wore her grandmothers jewelries, lingerie and shoes and danced.

Malene is no doubt a perfectionist, not just at work but at home as well. As she grew up, her fondness for fashion increased and while taking a formal fashion training, she enjoyed every bit of whatever she learned. She likes to make meaningful things, even the word fun has a serious connotation for her.

In her past time in order to relax, she loves to paint, read about art and keep herself updated in interiors. Her belief is that she needs to develop herself on a personal level so that she can make her business progress.