Alberta Ferretti

Alberta Ferretti

Alberta Ferretti, born in 1950 was known as the ‘uncrowned queen’ of the Italian fashion industry before she became a world famous fashion designer. It all started off when she opened her own boutique, Jolly at a tender age of eighteen in 1968 alongside her competitors who are today’s fashion moguls like Gianni Versace and Giorgio Armani. With the art of dressmaking running in her genes, Ferretti soon became a force to be reckoned with. Her exquisite goddess gowns made with delicate chiffon fabrics and intricate designs soon brought her talent into the limelight when her work was spotted by an agent who motivated her to start her own line of outfits.

1974 was Ferretti’s time to shine when her first signature line was launched under her own name, Alberta Ferretti which was praised to the skies. Alberta Ferretti soon became a renowned fashion designer and it wasn’t long before she became the owner of her own company in 1980 called Aeffe in partnership with her brother Massimo Ferretti. Today Aeffe has made its mark in the industry, producing and distributing designs for famous fashion houses like Moschino, Pollini and Jean Paul Gaultier. The year 1981 was when she made her debut on the Milan fashion runway and launched her second line called Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti after three years. It was 1985; her daytime and evening apparel had become popular among youngsters due to its comfortable, fit and chic look.

In 1989, Ferretti was named the first female founding member of an Italian bank named Cassa di Risparmio di Rimini which was yet another feather in her cap. But that’s not all. She was also named the best female entrepreneur in Emilia Romagna. In the fall of 1996, Alberta decided to expand her business and opened up a showroom in New York. However, the year 1998 came with a lot of surprises. She received an award, Cavalieri Del Lavoro by the Italian President; an honor only reserved for those who have maintained considerable socioeconomic influence in the country. Around spring in the same year, she opened up another store at Soho, New York. It was September when Ferretti’s outfit donned by Gretchen Mol made it to Vanity Fair’s cover and a book was published by Samuel Mazza the following month unveiling details about Alberta’s work throughout the years.

In the spring of `99, Alberta broadened her horizons by targeting the middle class masses with her relatively low priced fashion line called Alberta Ferretti Tech which turned out to be a favorable move for her. Years later in 2007, Ferretti experimented with children’s clothing and launched her line of outfits for little girls at Pitti Bimbo. The following year, her decades worth of experience landed her a spot on the famous television show Project Runway as a judge and she opened a shop at Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles. In 2009, the designer launched her own fragrance endorsed by supermodel Claudia Schiffer.

Quite recently in 2010, Ferretti came up with her bridal collection called Alberta Ferretti Forever which has been quite a success. Ferretti’s sense of choosing feminine, unique and delicate material, skillful draping and use of jewels and embellishments is what makes her truly one of a kind. From time to time, Ferretti’s outfits have been donned on the red carpets of international awards ceremonies by actresses like Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock, Scarlett Johansson, Uma Thurman, Emma Watson and Diane Kruger.