Anya Hindmarch

Anya Hindmarch

Describing herself as hungry, obsessive, tidy, British and female – Anya Susannah Hindmarch is a fashion designer born in 1968, England. She was born in a family with entrepreneurial background. Hindmarch studied at New Hall School in Essex. When she turned sixteen, that was the first time she really got the opportunity to feel and use a designer accessory. Her mother gave her a handbag by Gucci and although it was old, it was after all branded. Two years later, she moved to Florence to learn Italian language.

Soon she noticed that a leather duffel hand bag was popular among fashionable females, so Anya borrowed thousand dollars to import such bags to her country. Then she sent the product to Harpers & Queen magazine. Once an article was written about it, Hindmarch was able to sell five hundred pieces.

After gaining enough inspiration from Margaret Thatcher, Hindmarch wanted to be somewhat like the ‘Iron Lady’ but in her own field. She began designing and manufacturing bags herself in shop she opened on Walton Street in London. At this time, she was nineteen years old and based her designs on an Italian approach. All her creations represent a philosophy that can be broken down to being humorous, bespoke and British. In addition to this, she is influenced by architecture that too the classical type.

Eventually, Anya was able to establish her own company, running around sixty branded stores in seventeen countries. Her stocks are found in retail shops, such as Tokyo’s Isetan, America’s Saks, Philippines’s Adora, Paris’s Colette, and Milan’s Corso Como. Hindmarch designs are popular among celebrities and film stars, including Scarlett Johansson, Madonna, Sienna Miller, Margaret Thatcher, Claudia Schiffer, Reese Witherspoon and Kiera Knightley among others.

Hindmarch creates merchandize for collections thrice annually. The three ranges include luggage, shoes, leather products, handbags, prêt-a-porter, beachwear and so on. These works are featured in top fashion publications, such as Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. Hindmarch’s collections have been so famous and fashionable that they became the target of raids in her shops in London.

In 2001, Hindmarch launched an idea in order to be supportive towards The Lavender Trust. Be A Bag is a service, available in more than twenty-five countries, whereby any customer can get a personalized bag with their photograph on it. Hundred icons of style, including Elton John and Kate Moss donated their images to be printed on bags to support the cause. A share of the money earned from the auction was given to help the American Red Cross post 9/11 attacks and has also benefited over thirty charities around the world.

Moving on, in an attempt to stop the use of plastic bags, Hindmarch collaborated with We Are What We Do in 2007 to produce tote bags with a text that said I’m Not a Plastic Bag. With this idea, the employment of plastic bags was made unfashionable.

Hindmarch herself and her brand has received awards for their outstanding fashion and social work.

Anya Hindmarch married James Seymour, who studied business management and became the financial director of Hindmarch’s company in 2000. The couple has two kids named Felix and Tia.

For Anya, the meaning of luxury is dissimilar to what a dictionary defines the word as. For her it is about memories and stories of amazing experiences that can never depart from a person. Hindmarch is very much obsessed with design, so much so that she even dreams about it in her sleep.