Audrey Kitching

Audrey Kitching

Born in Pennsylvania on 26 July 1985, Audrey Lynn Kitching is a model, fashion designer and fashion blogger from America. She has been declared concurrently, by Cosmopolitan, as having a disastrous fashion sense and fashion forward personality. Other phrases used in to order to describe her, include mogul prototype by Karmaloop, all rounder business woman by We the Urban, princess of Buzznet by Nylon, fashion icon by Peta2, and queen of social media by Soul. Since January 2014, she has had over 400,000 followers on all social networks.

Her modeling career started when she was revealed at a hair salon and appeared in newspaper advertisements. After her graduation, she regularly modeled for friends aspiring to become photographers. This led her to posting her images online and consequently Kitching’s career in blogging began. As Jared Gold’s spokes model, she had the opportunity to be featured in Gold’s Czarnia catwalk event. She frequently works not just as a model but as an art director too for her photography shoots. For Fall 2012, she was chosen as the face or Irregular Choice, a shoe company of Britain. Moreover, she has modeled for an Italian shoe label, Kerol D. Furthermore, Kitching has been featured in magazines in countries across Scandinavia, Japan and Britain. She appeared in Women’s Wear Daily and Vogue Italia.

Apart from her fashion shoots, she is an active blogger. She is the style editor for popular culture and social media website,  Buzznet. Kitching has worked with this company for more than six years after they noticed her blog, Live Journal, in 2006. Her popularity can be measured by the three million and ninety-eight thousand page views she receives on Buzznet and Twitter, respectively. Kitching is involved in many other social networks on the internet, such as Instagram and Pinterest.

As much as she loves wearing fashion, she likes designing too. She was among the list of designers working for Designers Against AIDS with H&M in 2010. Kitching was inspired by the clothes she use to wear for her shoots and hence created her own two apparel lines including Coco de Coeur and Tokyolux. She displayed her work in the 2012 convention, called MAGIC. A year later, she started a new line, Crystal Cactus, of gifts, spa treatments and jewelry. For a 2014 collection, she collaborated with Kerol D Milano to produce Luna.

Moving on, she has appeared in a film version in 2008 of Forever Plaid, as herself. For four months in 2008, Kitching was included in an exhibition, Uberstars, by Gienn Kaino at The Andy Warhol Museum. Others associated with the retrospective include Rami Kashou (designer), Dirk Mai (photographer), Rose Apodaca (journalist), Cory Kennedy (web celebrity) and Clint Catalyst (socialite and writer).  In 2009, Audrey Kitching was a special guest on Germany’s Next Top Model reality show, in an episode that featured Catalyst, Gold and Jessicka the artist. In addition to all this, she is a trained hair stylist and is currently working on a book titled The Fashionista Budget Bible.

There is no doubt in saying that Kitching is a versatile lady with many amazing qualities and all the successful events of her life are connected in some way or the other.