Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes

Known for her acting in Nickelodeon programs, The Amanda Show, and All That. Amanda Bynes was born on 3rd April 1986 and became eminent between late 1990s and early 2000s. She is not only a television actress but has acted in movies popular amongst young people, such as What  Girl Wants in 2003; She’s the Man in 2006; Hairspray, and Sydney White in 2007; and Easy A in 2010.

She grew up in California and was the youngest child. Her father is a Catholic and mother is a Jew, however Bynes has not yet decided which religion she wants to believe in. Her interest lies in fashion design and illustration.

When Bynes was 24 years old, she announced on Twitter that she has taken a very early retirement from acting and wanted to invest her time, effort and money in fashion designing. She ultimately recanted but has not appeared in more movies than just Easy A. In 2006, Teen People magazine included her in the list of 25 Hottest Stars Under 25. In 2007, Bynes launched a clothing line and named it dear. The clothes and accessories were sold at Steve and Barry’s shops. Unfortunately, the store that shelved dear flopped and thus Bynes’s fashion line was no longer available. However, the products could be found at eBay. The line offered casual and trendy wear which was much loved by young females. The young and beautiful actress appeared on the magazine cover of Maxim in 2010, wearing a lingerie.

In 2012, Amanda Bynes announced her retirement from acting again and expressed her views on becoming a rapper and fashion designer.

In December 2013, the young star was spot at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Over the few years, it seemed that Bynes had lost her mental stability since she was charged by traffic police, she was found housing drugs, she was sent to the rehabilitation center, and much more happened that sparked a sensation over both print and electronic media.  However, it seems that Bynes has forgotten her ‘bad days’ and has moved on with a much positive attitude in order to fulfill her desire of being a fashion designer and entrepreneur.

In the late 2013, Amanda Bynes tweeted over the internet and announcing over the media about her new fashion collection. Her latest fashion inspirations have been the clothing lines of Elizabeth and James, and Ashley Olsen and Mary Kate as well as Justin Bieber’s personal dressing style.

Amanda Bynes came into recognition at a very young age in 1993, when she appeared in a TV commercial of Buncha Crunch candy. Then onwards she has been a highlight in the media, however her career was given a breakthrough when she appeared in All That.

Just as calm and respectful Bynes has become after getting out from the rehabilitation centre, before being in the rehab she was very adventurous and bold. All her adventures got her a ticket to a fine, jail or even a mental hospital. Despite all the glitches in her life, the star is trying very hard after her treatment to stay away from movies and starting a fresh career once again. She had always been fond of designing clothes and accessories.  Amanda Bynes is following her heart, which does not lie in acting anymore.

Observing the way her life has been unpredictable , one can only wait to see what next will she do.