Cesare Paciotti

Cesare Paciotti

Admitting that he is not a morning person, Cesare Paciotti is an Italian apparel designer who prefers working late nights and claims to be energetic around that time. Perhaps this is not the typical routine for the head of accessories business that sells items worth $500 million each year!

Paciotti is the creator and designer of chic, sensuous and trendy heels that are seen beautifying the feet of some well-known celebrity clients including Sienna Miller, Gisele Bündchen, Cameron Diaz and more. The designer described the kind of women who wear his label: sexy, strong, self-confident, fashion and style receptive.

Paciotti was born in 1958 in Civitanova Marche, Italy with a natural interest in design. His attraction and admiration for arts stimulated at an early age and enhanced during his education. The year taught him the difference between good and bad as well as right and wrong in design. He was destined to become a designer. Not only was he raising his art love in his heart, he was also inspired by the design inclined traditions his family taught him. He feels that design and innovation are even more valuable if they are influenced by handcrafting and tradition. In his own words, Paciotti defines his products as unique and distinctive.

His father was the founder of a shoe company. Cesare studied at the University of Bologna and took up the DAMS course, short for Drama, Art plus Music Studies. Before inheriting the family commerce in 1980, he travelled around the world. His role in his own company under his name was that of a creative head whilst Paola (sister) managed the operational division.

He carried out his family tradition of fashion while still trying to fulfill and live his passions within the creation of the brand. The designer kept most of the same workers his father had a little further away from Rome.

His favorite designers include Gianni Versace whom he knew personally as Paciotti’s parents manufactured the shoes for Versace in the 1980s. For him, Versace was not just a creative genius but an amazing person who became his inspiration for prospective career selection and also sprung in Paciotti a love for beauty.

If Paciotti chosen designing, he would have been racing for financial support since he loves cars and speed. However, his mother was concerned and stopped him from going into car racing.

His eponymous label not only designs and manufactures luxury shoe wear but also makes other things such as watches and jewelry. The company is famous for a dagger illustrated in its logo. The designer describes the dagger as having historical importance and that he needed to make something that customers could identify plus associate with his brand. At the time when Paciotti started designing for men, he felt that throughout history dagger has proven to be an aid for men – symbol of indelicacy and elegance. This image translates into the women’s shoe wear as well. He feels that his logo imitates a stiletto silhouette and also evokes feeling of strength, sex appeal and power.

When talking about Paris in an interview, Paciotti defined it as the world’s most advanced avenue in terms of fashion and surely the city is recognized internationally for its trends. His favorite place in Paris is Musée d’Orsay because it symbolizes an era he liked.