Henrik Vibskov

Henrik Vibskov

The multi-talented Danish fashion designer, Henrik Vibskov was born in 1972 in Gjellerup, Jutland. Vibskov went off to London in 2001 to study at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in order to pursue a career in fashion design. After he was done with graduation, he came back to Denmark and started his own fashion label. His remarkable work has been featured in magazines like Dazed, Brutus, The Face and Wallpaper.

The talented fashion designer is known for making highly unconventional outfits which are wearable unlike the clothing lines produced by many designers only for the runway. His designs are in no way minimalist but about fearless experimentation that makes his outfits stand out from the rest. He not only designs clothing lines for men but accessories as well. Vibskov’s collections usually consist of colored pants, patterned t-shirts, checkered materials and colored socks. The designer is mainly known in the fashion industry for his attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship. His work was highly praised in The Wall Street Journal among the work of many other European designers. His store opened up in Manhattan on Broom Street in 2011. Vibskov has won many awards like Soderberg Prize of 2011 and 2012’s Jury Prize at the Danish Fashion Awards. When Vibskov is not designing clothes, he’s engrossed in his work as a part time drummer for his own project signed by Fake Diamond called Mountain Yorokobu. A few of Vibskov’s clothing lines titled The Transparent Tongue, The Shrink Wrap Spectacular and the Spaghetti Hand job have been produced and presented in the recent years which has left the critics dumbfounded.

Henrik’s remarkable work has been presented all around the world like Tokyo’s Palais De Paris, The Textile Museum of USA, Gammel Strand located in Copenhagen. Finland’s Designmuseo Helsinki bears a large part of his collections. The designer has also been part of much collaboration like the art project, The Circular Series in partnership with Andreas Emineus which started in 2009. He has also worked on many projects with Oslo Opera House, Hotel Proforma and the Brussels Opera House.

Vibskov’s collections today are displayed and on sale at various high street fashion stores like Magasin in Moscow, Singapore’s Club 21, Corso Como in Italy’s fashion capital Milan and RA in Antwerp. He also owns stores himself in New York and Copenhagen where he sells his own merchandise. Henrik’s designs are also making their way into the Middle East and Eastern Europe gradually.

At present, Henrik Vibskov is working as a affiliate professor at DSKD and frequently gives lectures at institutes like his alma mater, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, Royal Academy of Fine Art in Antwerp and the IED of Milan. Vibskov has also four written books published by Gestalten in which he has given a detailed account of his work and a monograph in 2012 as well. Recently in January 2014, he’s had a solo exhibition at Finland’s Designmuseo Helsinki. He also designed costumes for Riverside, Danish Dance Theatre’s production in January. His unusually named show, The Spaghetti Hand Job was also presented in Copenhagen and Paris in the beginning of the year.

Loyal clients of his work are the Arctic Monkeys, Lou Reed, Devendra Banhart, Franz Ferdinand, M.I.A. and Sigur Ros.