Sita Murt

Sita Murt

Born in 1946 in Barcelona, Sita Murt is of the Catalan descent and born into a family of textile moguls. Since Murt belongs to the third generation the textile industry dynasty, it was no wonder that she pursued a career in the field of fashion. She attended the Sarria School of Textile Design managed by Ramone Folch. Soon Sita got married to the manager of Esteve Aguilera, Toni Esteve Enrich. She was quietly involved in designing some of the products for the company especially knitted jerseys. However, with the premature demise of her husband in 1984, Murt had to become more involved in the operations of the company. She was appointed as the company manager by her father-in-law even though many members of the family thought otherwise since she was young and relatively inexperienced. The brand name was changed to Sita Murt.

Sita proved everyone wrong and today is the owner of one of the most successful companies in Spain. The Sita Murt label is synonymous with originality and sophistication. Murt is known in the industry particularly for designing knit wear but her other outfits are second to none. She uses fine, natural materials and usually plays with texture and volumes to create original and strikingly beautiful outfits for the women of today; feminine yet strong. Sita’s label founded in 1989, built its reputation in the fashion industry by presenting new collections at fashion shows like Barcelona’s Salons Gaudi, Pasarela Cibeles of Madrid, Bread & Butter in Barcelona and Germany, New York’s Coterie and Paris Sur Mode.

It wasn’t long before several Sita Murt stores mushroomed in Igualada and Sita also hired her children Toni, Albert, Iago and Isabel to handle the key positions of the company. But in 2005, the company appointed Julia Cher as CEO who was previously working at DIKTON’S as the commercial director in order to stay abreast with other fashion houses in Spain. In 2007, former sales manager of Desigual, Jordi Balsells was appointed as the new CEO. The company diversified into making accessories other than just outfits in 2008 and added a collection of shoes to its repertoire in 2010. Both these new ventures were pretty successful. With the success of the shoe collection and accessories line, the label went international with its first Sita Murt in Paris in 2010. Actress Victoria Abril was appointed the new CEO of Murt’s company in May 2010 and later the position was taken over by Miquel Ramis in 2011.

The label’s 2010 collection for spring – summer 2010 featured gorgeous texture dresses using light and feminine pastel shades and delicate fabrics. In contrast, the latest Sita Murt collection of 2014/2015 was called Pur and featured outfits that reflected minimalist philosophy of less is more. The simplistic yet sophisticated outfits were focused on monochromatic graphics and were praised for its perfect material and finish. The materials used were the finest alpaca and angora wools in a crisp color palette of ice gray, poinsettia red and Prussian blue.

The veteran fashion designer from Spain’s career is decorated with many accolades that she received throughout her career. In 2002, she received the Premio al Merito Exportador Award by Prince of Asturias. She also won the Barcelona es Moda award in 2008 along with the Calderera de Honor de Montmaneu in 2010.