Thom Browne

Thom Browne

His distinctive approach to formal menswear won him a Council of Fashion Designers of America award in 2006 and one from GQ magazine for Designer of the Year in 2008 – Thom Browne is a fashion designer from Pennsylvania.

After graduating from William Allen High School, he studied at University of Notre Dame and attained a business management and economics degree. There he was one of the members of the swim team. However, he was not greatly interested in the sport to continue it for life. He then steered his focus towards acting and went to Los Angeles to pursue a career in this field. Browne found some work, especially in commercials. This muse was soon over when he realized that while playing around and experimenting with vintage apparels along with Johnson Hartig, his friend, he has developed a fondness for clothes. Since then he started designing and cutting his own outfits without knowing much about the skill. Hence, Browne quit the idea of acting and sold his car to move to another city.

He moved to New York in 1997 and one of his friends found him an employment with Giorgio Armani as a salesperson. Later, Browne was appointed by Club Monaco, a brand by Polo Ralph Lauren Group. He led the team of creative development and also had the opportunity to work with Ralph Lauren. Prior to launching his own label, Browne worked as a leader for their design department. It is somewhat an amazement for people to notice that the designer had no formal education in design, yet he is known for his unique work in the fashion industry and has worked with some of the most famous brands.

His line of menswear was launched as a response to the expansive acceptance of casual outfits in the lieu of business formal attire. The suits created by him are considered as distinctive in style and structure. The designer himself is noted for wearing charcoal hues, paired with tie and a clip plus leather shoes. Since the introduction of Thom Browne label in 2001, the company has extended its collections into a complete menswear package with sweaters, dress shirts, ties, accessories and underwear. The brand is available in luxury and avant-garde retail stores in different parts of the world.

In 2006, Browne partnered with Brooks Brothers as part of guest design program in order to create fifty high-end pieces for men and women, a collection titled as Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers. The range was shelved exclusively at Brooks Brothers shops around the globe. In 2008, the two partners worked for three more years before departing. In addition to this collaboration, Browne teamed up with Monclear, a sportswear company from France. Thom designed their menswear leading line, Monclear Gamme Bleulaunched in 2009.

During the course of his work within the fashion world, Browne faced some unusual requests for collaborations. One such event was described by Thom Browne in an interview. One fine day, Mr. Peanut, a peanut butter company got in touch with Browne to design the costume of their brand’s character.

Much later, after accessing the success of his menswear line, Thom started his women’s wear collection with the same perspective and approach as he has always worked with.

Although Browne initially was not aware of the technicalities of fashion design, he knows what he wants and has ideas running in his mind. He feels great to be among people who can make his visions a reality.