Claire Pettibone

Claire Pettibone

Residing in Los Angeles, Claire Pettibone is a fashion designer renowned for wedding gowns and intimate garments plus a collection of lifestyle items. She has been cited by The Los Angeles Times as the maven of style.

She is the singular child of parents with an artistic flair. Richard Pettibon, her father, was the Appropriation Movement‘s pioneer and Shirley Pettibone, her mother, was a realist painter. She spent most of her early childhood in Upstate New York in 19th century house decorated with antiques and surrounded by natural beauty. This setting acted as an inspiration for her later signature designs.

Afterwards, she moved to Los Angeles and graduated from Otis College of Art and Design. There she met and married Guy Patrick Toley in 1994. The two have a daughter named Lorelei, born in 2007.  Together the coupled manage Pettibone’s collection.

Claire Pettibone emerged as a designer for whom romance takes simultaneously a modern and vintage look. In 1993, she partnered with her husband, Toley. Their first lingerie line was shelved in Nordstrom stores across the nation. In the succeeding years, her collections have been sold at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and other leading international specialty stores.

In 2005, Pettibone stepped forward and launched a bridal dress collection as well. Following this, she appeared on WWD‘s cover and spawned a large group of devotees. Her bridal line received much appreciation and acclaim. Seven years later, Priscilla Chan wore a bridal gown made by Pettibone, for her wedding with Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook). Since Facebook became the most popular social media website around the world, this matrimonial was covered extensively by the media. The dress was purchased from a boutique called Little White Dress, in Colorado. Since most of the camera lenses were chasing the activities of this wedding, the dress was also highlight. Thus Pettibone was solidified as a notable designer in the field of wedding fashion. Shortly after this Chan and Zuckerberg wedding gala, Una Healy (pop sensation of United Kingdom) from the all-girls band The Saturdays, flaunted Pettibone’s Luna dress.

Pettibone is applauded for her astounding talent of conjuring up ethereal, beautiful and sensational trademarks. Her fashion house expanded into designing and distributing bridal couture, chic lingerie and bridal fashion accessories. Her gowns are considered as perfect and unmistakable. Her style is thought as being unique, since she uses stunning laces, exquisite fabrics, embroideries and appliqués.

She developed an affection towards fashion since childhood. Pettibone studied graphic design and art in college prior to attaining a fashion design degree. Her boyfriend and husband, Guy Toley, inspired her to design the collection. Since Toley had a background in business, the couple supported each other and established the company. Pettibone was always interested in making bridal gowns, since the age of four she used to sketch brides and their dresses. In fact, she even insisted her mother to buy her a wedding gown at the age of five so she could wear it and play in it. The designer loves the fact that ever wedding is different and unique, and every bride looks gorgeous when she finds her soul mate. According to Claire Pettibone, the wedding is the most important thing in the life of a woman and she is honored to have the opportunity to make the day more striking plus magical for the bride by designing out-of-the-world dresses.