Paul Frank

Paul Frank

Born on 29th August 1967 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Paul Frank is an artist, fashion designer and cartoonist from the United States. In the 1990s, Frank studied in California at Orange Coast College. In 2005, he married Susan Wang who Frank met two years prior to his marriage that took place in Disneyland. The couple lives in Los Angeles.

At first, he purchased a sewing machine to complete diminutive projects. Once, he experimented something by accident that his friends really liked. He made a wallet out of an unused orange colored vinyl. With this successful invention, he got the courage to sew more items, such as back packs and guitar straps. When he realized, the potential in him, he along with his partners, Ryan Heuser and John Oswald, founded the Paul Frank Industries after a few years of working on a small scale. Another reason for opening up an official company was that his orders were increasing day by day and to fulfill the demands of his clients, Frank needed a space and a formal identity.

He worked hard to achieve success, it was certainly not easy but he managed to accomplish more than what he dreamt of doing. During the daytime, he did a job at some other place and in his spare time, Frank spent hours on his designing work – sewing and selling products.

Today, the company has become a multinational corporation with many departments, employees, stores and merchandize.

His company has collaborated with several bands that adore his experimental work, such as Gorilla Biscuits, Pretty Girls Make Graves, The Aquabats, Tool, Atreyu, Alkaline Trio, The Vandals, Radiohead, Every Time I Die, Eighteen Visions and Bad Religion. This is not the end to the list, other musical and design partnerships that he has worked with include Lollapalooza, the Coachella festival and KROQ-FM, a radio station from L.A.

Apart from the above alliances, Paul Frank has worked with  companies and artist as well, like Wahoo’s Fish Taco, John Deere, ProKeds, Hello Kitty, Lego, Nintendo, Thomas Campbell, Mark Ryden, Skullcandy, Nirve Bicycles, SHAG, Andy Warhol, Oscar Mayer and Mattel.

Since 2005, Frank has disassociated himself with Paul Frank Industries. He owns and manages Park La Fun, a studio that allows him to create innovative and entertaining characters with a personal approach. His new collection of fashion includes t-shirts, handbags, wallets and many other accessories – all designed by Frank himself.

One thing that made Paul Frank highly recognizable around the world was one of his creations – a monkey illustration that acquired him a lot of riches. The animal was called Julias, that became an idol for teenagers, the pop-art scenario and also a hit in the contemporary fashion market. Later on, Julias was accompanied by Kitty and Barbie the princess. The monkey is seen on many of the products produced by Frank and has become a part of his individuality. Another popular character invented by Frank is Scurvy.

Paul Frank designs are extremely appealing for children and adults who love anything that is fun and hilarious. His creations can be treated as the best gifts to give to a child or teenager on any joyful occasion. Whenever the designer makes anything, he makes it with the same love as he once made things for his friends.