Kate Spade

Kate Spade

Born on 24th December 1962, Kate Brosnahan Spade is the namesake and co-founder of Kate Spade New York, a fashion house. She completed her studies from St. Teresa’s Academy after Notre Dame de Sion prep-school. Later, she went to University of Kansas transferring to Arizona State University then and graduating with a journalism major. Moving on, she did a job at motorcycle bar and became a member of Kappa Gamma Sorority.

In 1986, she worked in Mademoiselle‘s department of accessories in Manhattan, where Spade was given credit in the masthead of the magazine. While working there, she met David Spade‘s brother Andy Spade and moved in with him. The two were also featured in the publication as part of a photography story on love and couples. In 1991, she left the magazine after working there as a chief fashion editor. When Kate was working at Mademoiselle, she figured that the fashion market was short of sensible and stylish handbags, so Kate decided to design and produce bags herself and introduce chic and practical bags in the fashion market. She then began researching about various fabrics, styles, production costs and flea markets. Afterwards she produced a collection of handbags in classic fabrics, colors, and shapes. Kate and Andy Spade’s partnership worked out well for their business, and their products were available in well-known stores, such as Bloomingdales, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

In 1993, Kate launched her design company in New York along with Joel Franklin. Primarily the shop sold just handbags, then the shop extended to making pajamas, eyewear, raincoats, perfume, cosmetics, address books, personal diaries, and shoes. In 2004, another shop was launched with products related to home, such as bathroom items, wallpapers, crockery, bedding and other things. In the same year, Kate wrote three books sharing her personal philosophies and styles in Manners, Occasions, and Style. Around that time rumors began swirling in the media that Kate and her husband Andy Spade, who married each other in 1994, were separating. However, the couple dismissed these negative stories about their relation. Then in 2005, they were blessed with a child named Frances Beatrix Spade. In 2006, Kate and Andy invested in a television network called Plum TV, that airs elite holiday spots.

Although in 1999, their business was sold to Neiman Marcus Group, the Spades remained the active force behind the growth and success of the brand they had established.

Kate’s accomplishments do not end here, she has won many awards throughout her professional life. In 1996, Kate was given an award by the Council of Fashion Designers of America for her amazing new fashion talent in making classical accessories. Two years later, the same organization honored her with another award. In 2004, her home items’ collection got her three awards in design. This included House Beautiful’s award in designing tastemakers, Elle Decor’s award for bedding, and Bon Appetite’s award in entertaining and food.

Kate Spade proved to be the antithesis and epitome of all American girls. Her charm is familiar yet delightfully original. Her approach towards life has been straightforward and she has dedicated much of her career to the business of accessories of all sorts. Her sense of style and design has been acknowledged and praised by many people. Her husband always stood by her and the duo balanced their personal and professional life in a great way.