Manish Arora

Manish Arora

A talented fashion designer from India, Manish Arora was born and raised in Mumbai. He started off studying commerce, when he changed his career goal and opted for fashion designing from National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi. In 1994, Manish not only graduated but also won the Best Student Award.

Three years after completing his education, Manish launched his eponymous label and began retailing in his nation. In 2000, he participated in the India Fashion Week and then in Hong Kong Fashion Week, representing India. In 2003, another display of his collection impressed the Maria Luisa house in Paris and Manish started to successfully export his fashion wear.

In 2004, the designer was presented with the Best Women’s Prêt Designer award at the first Indian Fashion Awards held in Mumbai. Following this, he also participated in Miami Fashion Week, where he won the Best Collection Award. In 2005, he appeared in London Fashion Week and received a great response from the buyers and the press. In addition to this, he exhibited his work at the Victoria & Albert Museum during a exhibition, titled Global Local. Later in 2007, Manish Arora took part in another exhibition, Fashion in Motion, held at the same location.

After receiving the title of the best Indian fashion designer in 2006 by Outlook mgazine, Manish opened his stores in places other than New Delhi, such as Kuwait. Manish has also worked with Swatch for their limited edition watch collection. In 2008, Reebok and Arora launched a lifestyle line, RBK Fish Fry Collection. By the year 2009, Manish had four shops in India and his apparels were sold in over eighty retail stores worldwide. In order to expand his label further, the designer shook hands with Biba Apparel Pvt. Ltd. In 2012, Manish associated with Amrapali Jewel to showcase his jewelry range of hand crafted pendants and necklaces.

Throughout his career, Manish has done more than fifty-five collaborations with brands, such as Lee Cooper, Monoprix, Nespresso, Nivea, Toni & Guy and many more. Such projects have been described by the designer as a way to open one’s mind in every sense. Not only they open an array of avenues but also hold great value in a person’s portfolio.

It is observed continually that Manish’s work reflects his magnetism towards popular art. It is not something that appears in his work intentionally, instead his attachment to the subject keeps showing in his apparel and accessories designs. According to Manish, if one believes a lot in something, people start liking it.

When Manish Arora was asked about his inspirations in an interview, he said that inspiration can come from anything and it is not a problem. The real deal is its execution – this is difficult. The easiest thing is to get inspired and think about an idea, however how to bring it to life is a challenge.

Among his many achievements, Manish also worked for a year with the well-known international company Paco Rabanne. The time that Arora spent working there as a creative director was extremely beautiful.

Manish Arora’s style is one that most people can connect with, not only it is classy, but traditional too. It is funky and chic. Many celebrities and people love his designs.