Leona Edmiston

Leona Edmiston

Based in Sydney, Leona Edmiston is a fashion designer from Australia. She studied at East Sydney Technical College and completed her bachelor degree in fashion design.

Afterwards, in 1983, she introduced her debut label, named Morrissey Edmiston with Peter Morrissey, a fellow designer. For fourteen years, the label garnered extensive popularity from around the world.

In 1996 however, due to some miscommunications and disagreements, the label was closed and Leona Edmiston began her own solo business under her name with Jeremy Ducker, her husband, in 2001.

She displayed her designs at Mercedes Australian Fashion Week consecutively for three years from 2004 till 2006. Then in 2008 and a year after that, Leona executed her private shows off from the schedules assigned by the fashion week. Leona has her stores across Australia as well as in the UK and the USA. Her work is available for sale on her website and other web-stores.

According to the designer herself, her brand can be defined in three words: sexy, stylish and sophisticated. The thing she loves the most about her job is exploring fabulous new prints from around the world. It thrills her when she finds materials that are exceptional and attractive. Some of the prints she uses date back to the early nineteenth century and have a class of their own. In a modern world, when something old is used in a contemporary way it looks striking and stands out from the rest.

Leona Edmiston is continuously inspired by travelling and meeting with new people. These two things keep inspiration alive in her life and she learns a lot, especially from women who know about and love her brand. While travelling, Leona is passionate about collecting souvenirs, in fact her house is filled with memorable objects bought from local and antique stores and markets.

Other than this, Leona’s style inspirations are Audrey Hepburn, Romy Schneider, Daphne Guinness and Jane Birkin.

Leona’s number one style tip for women is ‘confidence’, since it is the best accessory one can have. However, chic bags and amazing heels are always admired by many. These elements accentuate a woman’s body structure and appearance.

Leona feels that the major faux pas committed by women in the world today is that they simply “follow” the trends or the “it look” and they are seen tugging their outfit the whole time. Edmiston’s advice to women is that they should wear what suits their personality and their body.

Apart from clothing, the beauty products Leona cannot live without includes Shiseado sunscreen, Anessa lip gloss and MAC in lust. These are the ‘must haves’ that she always has at home and in her bag.

Her fan list includes some of the most admired celebrities such as Daisy De Villeneuve, Kathy Lette, Brenda Blethyn, Olivia Inge, Emma Bunton, Kristin Davis, Geri Halliwell, Britney Spears, Elle MacPherson and Jasmine Guinness.

Following the success of the gorgeous and fashionable frocks she designed, the Leona Edmiston label includes heels, eyewear, purses, pins, candles, fragrances, night suits/dresses and a lot more.

An advice that Leona gives those women who dream to become successful in terms of their business is that they should know their customers and cater to them. This is the fundamental lesson most business students are taught during their college years and this is what she believes in.