Valeria Marini

Valeria Marini

Born in 1967, Valeria Marini is an Italian showgirl, actress, model as well as a fashion designer. Although her birth place was Rome, she grew up in Sardinia. Marini’s debut appearance in the cinema happened in the movie Cronaca Nera in 1987. After a break in the film industry, she starred in a theatre comedy for the first time in 1991. The show was called I ragazzi Irresistibili. Next, she was booked for a television show, a year later, called Luna di miele. Through this program, her talents were noticed by Pierfrancesco Pingitore, a director who selected her to substitute in Pamela Prati‘s place for an annual theatre series, Bagaglinospectaculars, which was changed into a television program. She also took up roles in Champagne, Viva le italiane, Barbecue, Miconsenta, Bucce di banana and Rose Rosse.

These performances rose her to the pinnacle of fame in Italy and in 1997 she was chosen to present Festival di Sanremo with Piero Chiambretti and Mike Bongiorno.

It was the start of millennium, when Marini realized her love for fashion and became a fashion designer. Six years later she was included in a show titled Reality Circus. In 2010, she was the co-host of the television program Raccomandati with George Luzi, Emanuele Filiberto and Pupo.

Marini’s apparel collection, Seduzioni Jeans, was launched to target primarily women who love fashion and there are a variety of jeans, dresses, t-shirts and accessories available for a complete look. Suduzioni means “seductive” and all the fashion related things she produces, make a woman sultry, sexy and bold. Another line opened by Marini called Seduzioni Diamonds, that offer satin silk gowns, leopard print dresses with sequins plus beachwear, shoes and handbags. She also created a line called Love Toys.

With her collections, Marini opens a doorway for the all the women to look and feel beautiful. However, she believes that a woman should be sure that she’s good looking, and also be positive about what she wants and to trust themselves. Such a woman would be called Valeria Marini.

Her secret to succeed both in acting and fashion, is her abundant passion. Whatever she does, she puts her passion in it and she never does anything for the sake of just doing them.

Valeria Marini was noted for being a sex symbol in the nineties and even today she stands strong. Marini has a typical model height of 5 feet 10 inches that boosts her personality and looks. Her age doesn’t affect her glamour.

She has had relationships with Edoardo Costa and Vittorio Cecchi Gori. However, she married Giovanni (John) Cottone, an Italian business man. In 2012, the couple announced the news of their wedding and a year later in May, they married each other in Basilica of Santa Maria, Aracoeli, Rome.

In addition to acting, she appeared in advertisements of companies, such as Motorola, LG, Cecchi Gori, Lambretta Pato, Sansui and so on. Moreover, she was featured on the covers of magazines including i0, Maxim, Fox, L’Espresso, Panorama, Diva, Gente, Novella, Sette, Chi, Boss, Rouge, DIPIU, Stop, OGGI, Vip, Grandttote, Voi & Noi, Via Veneto, Play Men, Flemingroma, Noi, Specchio, Visto, Guida TV, Tele Sette, Roma Reporter, L’italia, Vip party, Eva and Amori among others.

Valeria Marini has forever been associated with the world fashion through her modeling career at first and then her own collections. She is also one of the members of Milan’s Chamber of Fashion. She created her fashion labels with an inspiration from her personal liking and produces products that enhance the femininity and beauty of a woman.