Vanessa Bruno

Vanessa Bruno

A Parisian couture designer, Venessa Bruno worked as an actress, singer and model before launching her fashion brand in 1996. She enjoys incredible international success in the prêt-a-porter world. She has been beautiful herself and has achieved to add beauty in her creations as well.

Bruno was born in 1967, and as she understood herself, her surroundings and future plans, she developed a strong liking for fashion. She was raised in a family devoted to fashion; her mother was a supermodel and her father owned a French fashion maison, Emmanuelle Kahn. Designing was in Vanessa Bruno’s blood since childhood, she only had to realize its presence.

When she was fifteen years old, Bruno started modeling and for this she had to travel to Montreal where the world of fashion was revealed to her. During this time, she worked as an actress and singer as well. Modeling was a plus point for her when she opted for designing since she had a clear idea about the way runway shows and photo shoots were conducted.

Her attraction toward design only increased and by no means fluttered. This is why, after returning to Paris, Bruno went backstage and began educating herself about fashion designing. In order to gain experience and knowledge, she worked with Michel Klein and Dorothée Bis.

By 1992, she was able to launch her label. This is when she got the opportunity to translate her ideas in to her creations. Along with her main business, in 1995 she launched a complimentary collection, called Athé. After six years, she managed to introduce her boutique into the market. The second outlet opened in Tokyo and was a huge success. Women fell in love with Bruno’s sophisticated, simple, modern and romantic approach towards designing. Her design cuts are flowy, feminine, trendy as well as sexy. The clothes that she creates, radiate a bohemian feel. She is considered as an expert at utilizing and designing materials with intelligence, working on the equilibrium of shades and volumes.

Bruno’s house also exudes the same feeling of simplicity and minimalism.

During the 1990s, she was the first designer to showcase a dusty colored palette. With this innovation, she became highly popular in the media. Her fan list includes some of the best actresses from France, such as Charlotte Rampling, Vanessa Paradis and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Other personalities who wear her label are Claire Danes, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Kristen Dunst, Gwyneth Paltrow, Elodie Bouchez and so on.

In addition to clothes, Bruno creates accessories. Her popular Lune hand bag is a ‘must have’ for the fashionistas. Along the course of her fashion career, she has created some classic and awe-inspiring works.

Moving on, Bruno boarded on many collaborations with filmmaker and designer, Stephanie Di Giusto. The duo designed outfits for short films and one of them starred Kate Bosworth. The title of the project was A Visual Poetry.

In an interview, Venessa listed her style icons, that include Stella Tenant, Lou Doillon, Kristen Owen and Lauren Hutton. For inspiration, the designer observes women in general, flicks through the images of females dressed in various clothes, and looks at modern art photographs. Moreover, Bruno describes her personal dressing style as simple yet stylish with a hint of Parisian culture. Bruno likes listening to Adela Diane, Charlie Winston and Hugh Coltman. If she weren’t a fashion designer, she would have been a furniture designer or a film director.